Drones - breaching privacy in high rise homes

Drones have slowly gained in popularity as they become more affordable to the public. Anyone watching this years Celebration of Light could spot up to 5 at a time hoovering around the fireworks spectacular. Those using them for commercial purposes require a permit to operate their drones, however private citizens can do as they please at the moment. This certainly poses a few questions as to their safety and potential breaches of privacy when in the wrong hands. Recent reports of drones flying close to high rise homes have sparked a number of complaints. It opens up a whole new way of following someone without being identified since drones cannot currently be traced back to their owners while flying around freely. What happens when one malfunctions and falls out of the sky severly injuring someoneÉ Surely it`s only a matter of time before drones do more serious damage than simply wreaking havoc. Recent reports from the airport have highlighted some of the dangers unconcerned drone pilots could potentially cause when one was reported as flying too close to the planes landing and taking off at the Vancouver airport.

For more on the story regarding complaints coming from high rises, check out the full report from CTV:


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