Real Estate a profession by choice not by chance or tricks

We always discuss that this world is becoming more and more competitive, and as a matter of fact every generation thinks so about their professional competitiveness or businesses. Actually I believe as the time passes, due to demographics developments, growth of population and introduction of newer consumable products, this world has started the race of neck to neck competition and its human nature to first look at this as a tough and challenging. But as the time passes we tend to take it easy and competition becomes the new normal. Though this new normal is just a part of human evolution and it is never ending process, it will remain as long as the human race is growing and becoming more advanced. But there are always few people as well those who see an opportunity in every situation, we call them opportunist and they never miss a chance to exploit the situation, but among them exist another group which manipulate the exploitation solely for their own benefit, this special category of people act very abnormally and they are devoid of vision and lack of professionalism in their conduct. Such people not only spoil the atmosphere of business or profession but they are washed away very quickly out of the business or profession they were in. Unfortunately the damage due to their irresponsible action is always irreparable.

Real Estate profession has also tolerated such opportunist and non professionals in the cloak of professionals. The so called pseudo professionals have harmed this noble profession to a greater extent without realizing that they themselves are becoming prey to their own traps. Such category of realtors are licensed, educated and behave like a professional in their conduct as well, except they do their business in a very ridiculous manner. Such category is often tagged as commission cutters, tricksters, cheapie, and blot on the profession. They have badly tainted the real estate profession with their fraudulent and cheap practices. It’s also a misconception that some part-timers do indulge in these mal practices, even its seen that full timers are also involved in blemishing activities and they can go to any unethical extent to get the clients. All this create an unhealthy environment for other serious professional realtors and also damage the reputation of real estate and creates misconception about others among community.

The true to heart realtors or serious professionals most of the time keep themselves away from the pack of these freebies kind. They believe in ethical professional business code of conduct and follow the same in their daily practices. They believe in honest, trustworthy and purely professional services to their clients. Buying or selling a real estate is one of the most important decisions of one’s life and if it goes wrong, many lives can be ruined for example buying a bigger house for smaller family and buying a smaller house for big family can create chaos. Since a large amount of hard earned money of the clients is involved, it’s highly expected of a real estate professional to be very diligent and prudent for the protection of interest of his or her clients. Such die hard realtors are always a step ahead in providing professional services to their clients because they are in this profession by choice not by chance.


We must understand that even though it is a competitive era of human evolution but truthfulness and professionalism always prevails. Don’t be miser or hesitant in choosing the experienced professional realtors for your dream home or business, when it comes to buying or selling it. Only full timers can gain enough experience in the field. Weekenders are most of the time unable to provide full level of service with integrity because they are mainly doing something else as they are in this business just by chance or are testing the waters. Since real estate is a regulated profession in Canada, its registrants or realtors are strictly obliged to follow certain set of norms and regulations in all the real estate transactions. They are not only registered but are insured as well. There are many mandatory or continuing educational courses which all the realtors have to take on a regular basis. The professional realtors keep themselves updated with the latest real estate market trends, statistics and reports of their area. The full time realtors are the area expert, who can advice you with full knowledge and experience, on which you can rely with confidence. The so called tussle between choosing professionals and non professionals is never ending but it will be client’s intelligent decision to hire the one with more credentials and professional experience, which will make a huge difference. Let’s raise the bar of criteria of professionalism rather than competing with pseudo-professionals at lower levels. Distinguish yourself above all.

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