2010: The year that was

2010 was a good year; it had its challenges and its opportunities.  I was working as a Merchandiser for a Toronto company which was servicing several product lines in some of the home renovation big box stores.   My job led me to travel quite a bit as I serviced stores in the Kitchener-Waterloo area as well as in Mississauga.  This got me quite busy and the work load was continuously increasing as my company was busy adding new lines in the stores.

This went on for about 2 and half years, and then suddenly the biggest big box store we were servicing wanted to engage in the business of merchandising of their own products in the stores.  An industry that has operated for approximately 20 years was eliminated affecting the jobs of 3500 workers, including mine.  Although my company was in good shape as it was being managed by its owners and good managers, its business was not diversified to avert a major change such as the one imposed by its biggest client.

Many of us got wind of this change early on in the planning stages of this big box store.  It even became more evident as reps like me, would begin to ponder on our employment futures.  The chatter was getting louder and soon articles about the impending doom began to pop up in website articles.  This signaled that something had to be done, at least as far as I was concerned.  I did not want to be caught in the snare of hopelessness as I always believed that if a door closes, a window will open.

For many years I have looked at Real Estate as a profession.  I had been loosely involved in it in my old country and enjoyed the challenges it brought.  I decided to pursue my education in Real Estate and eventually became licensed in Ontario.  Now it was time to put this new opportunity to the test. 

Choosing the best brokerage to join needed some serious attention.  I began to visit the Real Estate offices in the Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville and Milton areas.  I talked to many broker managers and soon it became apparent which brokerage could assist me in my career development.  Doing my due diligence allowed me to see where my education could be strengthened by a good training program.  I decided to join Century 21 as this company offered the most comprehensive training system in the industry.   There was plenty to learn and I needed to learn fast.

 I started to meet new people involved in the industry, mortgage brokers, home inspectors, home stagers, solicitors and other Realtors who were willing to assist in the little things I was not too familiar with. The deals started coming and I enjoyed structuring them and offering them to buyers by promoting the features and benefits of a property.   Soon one listing was followed by another and the year ended well.  2010 turned out to be a good year.

Change is a certainty and is always good.  It is just a matter of how you embrace it and fly with it.


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