EasyMat is great....

EasyMat. a product of Custom Building Products comes in a roll of 40 square feet.  This product allows the installation of Ceramic, Porcelain, Travertine or Slate tiles to be installed on a builders grade sub-floor.This product absorbs the flexing of a sub-floor that is not rigid and is subject to movement when walked on.

When installing a new flooring it is always good to prepare the sub-floor so that it becomes sturdier and cleaner for the process of installation. Screwing down the sub-floor will ensure that it is tight agains the floor joists and squeaking can be eliminated.  Take note of corners and obscure areas where the same process must be done so that the sub-floor preparation is done right.  Should there be any dips on the sub-floor a good floor leveller will have to be used so that an even sub-floor can be achieved.

Vacuum the prepared sub-floor and get it as clean as possible.  Prepare the materials for priming and begin this process with the use of a brush or a roller.  Remember to start from the inside of the room and exit through the doors.  You don't want to paint yourself in a corner.  Allow the primer to dry.

When the preparation is done, begin the laying the EasyMat by peeling the paper off of the roll.  Place the roll with the lose end peeled off and stick it on the sub-floor where you want commence.  Roll it out slowly and simultaneously peel the paper as you roll.  Having a floor roller will ensure that bubbles are not trapped between the EasyMat and the primed floor.  Continue to do this until you reach the other wall in the room.  Cut off the mat with a knife and a straight edge and flatten the EasyMat where it ends.  Continue the same process until the entire sub-floor in the room is covered.  Remove all excess material and paper and the tiling project can begin.

The final segment of this blog will cover the thinset mortar and the laying of the tiles.  Till next time, keep safe.


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