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I have been working with a Buyer client for many months.  This Buyer and his family are new immigrants to the country and as such were not ready to purchase a home immediately.   I, however was contacted by the head of the family to assist them in their search for a good home.  The family is composed of the husband, his wife and 2 young boys.

The situation was a bit different since there were things to learn about dealing with a family with a different culture.  Being in Canada and being a in the Real Estate profession, one has to become sensitive to other cultures and respect their ways of doing things.  The husband still works overseas as he heads a large division in his company spanning 2 continents.  I realized that it would have been difficult for him to divest himself from the good earnings that he was receiving from his company.  I kept in touch with him on a regular basis to get a feel of his readiness to buy a home here in Canada.  Cordial correspondence went back and forth in preparation for the eventual purchase of their home.

The lesson that I have learned here is that I must treat both buying and selling of properties for clients as listings.  On the buying side, it is important that a Buyer's Representation Agreement be signed before any activity is to occur with the end goal of buying.  Just as we immediately sign a seller to a Listing Agreement, we must do the same on the buying end.  Both must be considered as a listing from our business point of view.

Having monitored the return of my Buyer client into the country, I immediately called and greeted him upon his arrival.  Niceties were exchanged and a meeting was arranged on a particular day subject to confirmation.  A few days passed and I called again, only to be told that they were busy because they were moving.  They were moving into the new home that they had arranged and bought while he was still overseas.  The agent, I presumed was from the same culture as the clients are.  This allowed the wife to view homes with the other agent as all the listings I had sent to the wife's email went unanswered.

Respecting other cultures is good, but knowing what we have to do to protect our business is paramount to make sure that we do not lose the business especially when we've invested our time and resources in trying to close a deal.  Remember, or should I say, I should remember that a sale is never consumated until the client signs on the dotted line.

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Manuel Bustamante

Manuel Bustamante

Sales Representative
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