Realtors be aware, QR codes are here.....

For many long years we have waited for the scanning methods of technology to be used in our society.  We've seen the Japanese use this technology for many year and have wondered when it will be available to us.  Well it is here.  We can now use our cellphones and PDAs to pay for subway tickets, theater tickets, order coffee and doughnut, paying for a taxi ride and many more that used to make us pull out cash or plastic to pay our way.  Now, all we need is that tool that we carry each day and see many people in subways, sidewalks, offices and most places are staring at, the cellphone.

The Real Estate industry has also moved forward with the use of this technology with the use of QR codes.  One can drive up to a property with a sign on the front yard and scan the QR code on the sign,  The user will now be directed to a website where all the information about this property will be available almost immediately.  It will tell you all the salient details of this property, who the Realtor is and what brokerage he or she represents,  All of the Realtors information will be on it and with the same cellphone the prospective buyer can call and speak to the Realtor then decisions can be made and sales can happen. 

Print media is now beginning to incorporate QR codes on bill boards, tickets, taxi doors and other services that require payment. Soon we need not stand in long que's to purchase ticket to watch a movie and wonder what seat assignment we'll be getting.  By merely turning on the camera of your cellphone and taking a picture of that square with a series of other small squares that look like gibberish to the naked eye, one can get information and pay for a service or a show.

We can now begin to watch how this technology expands to other areas of our society.  Your doctor can immediately know what medications you are using if an emergency occurs.  Schools can inform students and parents about school activities on the fly and many more.  Isn't technology grand.


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