The most versatile thinset mortar out there.......

In the market today there is a thin-set mortar that is so versatile that it is quite not like any other mortar out there. MegaLite is manufactured by Custom Building Products and is getting to be quite popular.  It is called "MegaLite" hence the "Lite" because it is very light to carry.  In fact the bag that it comes in has a handle.  Rather that carrying it on your shoulder or a buggy, one can walk out of the the store holding it by its handle.

It is light because it does not have any properties of sand like most mortars out there, rather it has glass beads. This new technology in a mortar mix allows one to mix this thin-set with the use of an ordinary paint stick.  Following its mixing procedure it mixes quite smoothly in a pail.  There is no need to use any mechanical mixers or mixing paddles.

The colour of the mortar mix is white thus making it useful for use on glass tiles as well as translucent stones such as Carara Marble. Utilizing a gray mortar mix on translucent stones darkens the appearance of the stone when it sets. Make sure to check your marble material against a light to see if the light bleeds through.  If it does not allow light to go through it then it is fine to use a grey mortar mix.

The other features of MegaLite includes its ability to cover more area on the same amount of mortar mix commonly used today.  Generally most mortar mixes cover approximately 90 sq. feet.  MegaLite on the other hand covers 130 sq. feet on the same size bag.  When set, MegaLite is the only thin-set mortar with 850 lbs of grab. Other mortars only have 90 lbs of grab.  This is useful when one installs larger tiles on the wall and ceilings of shower stalls.  This mortar also has instant grab properties, meaning that if one installs large tiles on the wall, which are naturally heavier, it does not slide.  This makes it easy to work with.

EasyMat and MegaLite work well with each other. Work Easy and work smart.

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