The average Canadian can build wealth with investment property.

The average Canadian can build wealth with investment property. As Bryan Guertin, mortgage broker, says: “Investment property is being increasingly viewed as a pension plan for the future … an investment property can be a great source of retirement funds.” – (Your Home & Mortgage).

One of the most important financial decisions you make if you are thinking about building wealth with an investment property will be the most advantageous mortgage negotiation with your financial institution. Whether negotiating a new mortgage or a renewal, it requires a lot of attention. These five steps will get you started, but as Bryan Guertin states in one of his articles: “When your lender sends you a letter saying it’s time to renew… what that really means is that it’s time to get advice. Professional, independent advice.” – (Your Home & Mortgage).


- Study all the offers that are on the market. Use the Internet, ask mortgage brokers or access this information through brochures distributed for free at all financial institutions.

- In addition to negotiating the lowest possible interest, do not forget to check that the rate will not change with time. Never sign without asking how many mortgage-related products are included, their cost and how payments will be incorporated. 

- Payment flexibility of a mortgage is something to be considered before signing. Ask your financial advisor for all different options and advice before closing.

- After taking into account the above, it is important that you review the amortization terms. Choose for a reasonable time depending on your profile and needs.

- Negotiate to make changes. Do not sign before you ensure all questionable items are reviewed by an expert and addressed very clear in writing before closing.


A mortgage broker can help you determine your down payment options and run the financial calculations that you’ll want to see for cash flow and capital appreciation. Any investment involves risk, so be clear about your objectives, define your risk tolerance and do not withhold on evaluating every option out there.


Marcia Cordero | Century 21

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