Guaranteed Sale Program

Ever wondered why houses are on the market for 50, 80, 100 days or longer?

Simple answer:

Most likely they are over priced.

Nearly every Home Buyer is working with a Realtor and after seeing a home, they ask their Realtor what the home is worth. The realtor will then give their best and honest opinion on Market Value. If he determines a lower price, the buyer most likely will walk away.

The Guaranteed Sales Program eliminates this scenario. An Appraisal, done by a certified appraiser, will determine Market Value. This has NOTHING to do with property assessment! Then the house is sold. As soon as it is listed, every Realtor will come up with nearly the same Value, but you do not have to negotiate a lower price or look at low ball offers. It works since 1995.

Imagine how YOU can negotiate price on your next home if you present a cash offer since your home is sold.

Marcus Kallweit

Marcus Kallweit

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