Location is Important

Location, location, location.

It is still true. The desirability and resale value of your home depends on location more then any other factor. People want a desirable community that includes character, quality schools access to work, major transportation arteries, recreational facilities and much more.

On our viewing trips, take a careful look and ask the following questions:

How does this home compare to others on the street or neighbourhood? Are their many children playing on the streets? Are the front and Backyards and the exteriors of the homes properly maintained? The less expensive home in a better area tend to appreciate in value much faster than the most expensive home in a less desirable area. Other factors include traffic, amenities, noise and by-laws.

A professional realtor is trained in all aspects of real estate including supply and demand, economics and neighbourhoods of cities. He can do much of the work for you by reviewing your needs and and reviewing available properties and making an informed match. That will save you time and money driving around

It pays to ask

Marcus Kallweit

Marcus Kallweit

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