We have all heard it "You only get one chance to make a good first impresssion".  This applies to your home, especially when you are trying to sell.  By addressing eye appeal, you can enhance the impact to potential home buyers and make them feel comfortable and welcomed.  Try these simple ideas:

Outside the Front Door - Ensure sufficient lighting is on when needed. Keep walkways and steps clear.

Provide Convenience - When the weather is messy have a convenient place for footwear.  Make sure there is plenty of space for boots, shoes.

Have A Coat Cure - An overstuffed closet is both an eyesore and an inconvenience.  When expecting guests, clear out the family apparel that does not need to be there and provide plenty of hangers.

All Flora - Welcome guests into your home with fresh flowers - to add both an inviting scent and natural, colourful display.  If space is limited, keep them small and off the floor, but in full view.

Something Personal - A family photo in an attractive frame, an heirloom, a small antique curio item - something to add interest and allow some of you to show through.

With a little attention to detail, the entrance to your home will feel so warm and inviting that friends and family will want to come back.

Marg Bowlen

Marg Bowlen

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