Competing in a Correcting Market

That promotion you have been working towards has just come to fruition!!

It means a move but you and the family have discussed this and they are behind you!!

Life is good!

Call your Realtor and get your house on the market!

It is time to go house hunting in your soon to be new centre!!

But wait!!

Local news has reported that your city is going through a real estate correction.

How will that affect your sale, your move and the length of time you will need to be away from your family?

Simply put your market is likely saturated with listings.

Listings that have been on the market for several weeks longer than has been the 'norm' in your area.

Selling your home quickly is important but you need to be able to afford one in your new area.

You can't afford to 'give it away'!

What to do?


A few simple steps.


1) Choose a competent, reliable agent with a good 'track record', or, if they are relatively new, an agent with a strong company behind them.


2) No time to dicker and hope for a higher price.

Ask your agent to be very honest with you and show you the things you need to do to make your home sell quickly!

Choose to list your property at the lower end of the spectrum.

Be the best in your price range!


3) Clean! Shiny! Fresh!

It is work, but make the beds before you dash off to work and school.

Wash the dishes.

Keep the garbage emptied.


4) Remove! Repair! Replace!

Clutter? Gone!!

Broken screen? Leaky taps? Repair!

Tattered runner? Replace!



5) Flexible viewing times.

There are times when it just may not be practical to have showings. A shift worker needs their sleep! Small children have regular bedtimes.

Some things just shouldn't be changed, but if taking a picnic to the park can help facilitate a showing.. might be fun!!


6) Consider offers seriously!

It is often found that 'the first offer is the best offer.!

Not always, but often.

Look. Is it something you can work with and be moving?

Your agent can help you to see the positives and negatives and discuss a practical plan of action.

Trust your instincts.



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