Delegate! Donate! Destroy!

Aaaahhhh!! The smells, the sounds of Spring!

Robins sing!

Tulips bloom!

Spring is here!!


But...look! What is that???

Oh! Yes!!

The box of 'things-too-good-to-throw-out'!

Tent (Really we might use it this year!)

The closet with the clothes that 'almost fit'.

So many treasures!

So much stuff!!

So little room for the things you really do use!

What to do!!

Start with a PLAN!

1) Grab a big notebook.

2) Go through each room/area.

3) Imagine the room TOTALLY EMPTY!

4) Now look! What do you want in there?

5) List 'Items to Keep'.

6) Now DESIGNATE..... determine where they will be kept.

    This step is often the most difficult.

    Hint: Colourful baskets are often useful for a variety of 'little' items -  mitts, toys, makeup.

    If the item is to be kept but needs repair make a note as to where to take it and when!!

7) Next DONATE......list the items that are very useable and where you could donate them.

    Remember.....'One man's junk is another man's treasure!'

    Note: Items should be in good repair if being donated to thrift shops.

    Reminder: Many items can still be put in recycle bins or depots.

8) Finally DESTROY all worn out, unusable items.

     Personal papers should be shredded. no shredder? Scissors work.

This won't happen 'overnight'.

Busy schedules tend to make it difficult to just do this in one weekend.

Start small.

Do one room/area at a time.

If it takes a few weekends...who cares!

You're farther ahead than you were last year!!

Happy Summer!!


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