Good Time to Invest

Buy low.

Sell high.

We have all heard that sage advice in the world of investing.

Makes sense!

Currently our market is experiencing a time of correction.

Properties are not moving as quickly as they have in previous years.

There are, therefore, more properties available at any given time.

Prices tend to be 'softer'.

For homeowners this means they get less for the house they are selling but pay less for their new home.

It 'balances'.

Let us look, though, at the investment side.

In purchasing a revenue property buyers have an opportunity to enjoy these conditions.

Sellers, fairly enough, want 'fair market value', but if that number is 2% to 3% less than previous years, the buyer can pay that price making for a happy

seller while still reaping the benefits of a smaller investment which, ultimately, will create better profits as market regains it's strength!

Win! Win!


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