The old Boy Scout motto 'Be Prepared" certainly applies when one is thinking of selling!

The decision has been made. The agent has been found. Now what?

Take a long, hard look at your home!

Look at it as a buyer will!

You only have ten seconds to make a 'first impression'!.

Make it GOOD!!


Is it shiny clean? Not everybody has the resources, financially, and otherwise to make a home 'magazine perfect', BUT everybody has the ability, or can usually find a relative, friend or service, to make a place sparkle!

Vaccuum. EVERYTHING! Carpets. Draperies. Sofas. Chairs. Under the beds.

Wipe down walls.

Scrub floors.

Have carpets professionally cleaned.

Windows. Clean them! Inside and out!

Clean appliances.

Polish taps and chrome.

Polish furniture.

Clean the bathroom fixtures.

Shiny! Shiny! Shiny!


It is not uncommon to walk in, kick our shoes off, drape our jacket and wander on in.

Casual is not bad....except when you are selling your home!

If shoes are by the door set them neatly in place.

Hang up your coat! (Yes, that does sound like Mom!)

Remove unneccesary items from the entry.

Go from room to room and make three lists:

1) Must have!

2) Can live without for a few weeks (while house is being sold). Tuck in drawers, totes or store.

3) Donate!


Whether it be smoke, pets or distinct cooking smells try to eliminate or neutralize.

Perhaps smokers could smoke outdoors for this period of time.

Added to a clean house a soft, subtle air freshener may help to offset the doggy smell that Fido leaves in the air after he has rolled in the wet grass. (If you can't well you can't! You are not going to change pets ways.)

Likewise cooking smells. No one expects sellers to change eating habits. Just be aware. If weather is cooperative, opening windows may help and, again, subtle air fresheners may help.

NOTE: Overuse of air fresheners makes buyers think that you are 'trying to hide something'.


Fix dripping taps.

Redo caulking around tub, if necessary.

Repair broken doors, windows, screens.


Cut and trim the lawn or shovel the snow.

Trim hedges.

Paint the fence.

Tidy the garage!


Lot of work? Maybe.

Worth it? In dollars and cents? Yes!

Marg Trollope

Marg Trollope

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