After discussing, thinking and planning, it has been decided that a move is practical.

Now what?

FIRST: Choose an agent who you think will listen to you, understand your particular situation, and treat you fairly.

We, in Brandon. MB, are very fortunate! We have reputable companies and many,many capable, caring agents.

How does one go about choosing said agent?

Ask friends, neighbours and relatives about recent selling experiences.

Who was their agent?

Were they treated with dignity and respect?

Were they happy with the service?

Did the agent discuss the process?

Did the agent provide the service originally offered?

Were they happy with the end result?

Would they use the services of that agent again?

SECOND: Take a long, critical look at your house.

What will the buyers see?

Are there holes from kids playing?

Do the carpets need cleaning?

Is the screen in the door ripped?

Do the fawcets drip?

Does the hockey closet need airing?

Do you have unusual cooking odours? Lemon is the most universally accepted smell.

Are there broken boards in the fence?

Does the garage door open?

Could the living room use a fresh coat of paint?


If you were looking at your home would you buy it?

THREE: Declutter! Clutter makes homes look smaller. Put what you can, witin reason, in storage whether rented or boxes neatly labelled in the garage or basement. Children's toys are acceptable and children MUST be able to 'live', as must Fido and Kitty, while this process takes place. ( Do make sure you have cleaned up after both.) 


FIVE: Ask your agent for suggestions. Remember these are only suggestions. You need not feel 'guilty' if you do not or cannot do everything on the list. Our job is to critically look at your home and see what you can do to improve your value and shorten you selling time. Remember for every flaw the buyers find desirability decreases along with the amount they will want to offer. CLEAN!! So important.

SIX: Ask your agent to help you determine a fair market value. Remember that just because you need a certain number of dollars to clear your debt and have some left over....the buyer DOES NOT CARE!! Ouch! That sounds harsh. It is. It is also the sad truth. Buyers may have genuine compassion and empathy for our predicaments, but when they write the offer they are, understandably, considering their costs.

SEVEN: Take some time to think about what you are and are not prepared to leave with the house. Sometimes sellers are comfortable leaving appliances. Some would rather not. It does not matter. Just decide in advance and be clear with your agent. Some sellers do not care and are more inclined to see what they get for an offer before making a final decision.

EIGHT: Determine what is an ideal possession date and how flexible you are on this.

NINE: Let your agent know if there are any concerns with regards to times when house can be shown. Day cares often ask for 'after hours'. If family members are working through the day and there is a dog to consider you may have to ask for evening and weekend showings unless you have a very trustworthy neighbour or family member who can help out.

TEN: Related to above if there are ANY pets A) Ask your agent to make note of it for the realtors and B) Put a large note on the inside and outside of exterior doors saying 'DO NOT LET CAT/DOG OUT'. Your agent can make note of it, but often the showing agent can forget. Our furry family members are important to us. We need to look out for their well being!

ELEVEN: Discuss the marketing plan with your agent. This way you both sides know what the other is expecting to do or see done.



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