Thoughts for Selling a Home!

It is said that the two most important factors in selling your home are price and exposure!


98% of the time it is highly unlikely that we have plans to physically move the house! so....


PRICE and EXPOSURE are the factors with which you can work.

Anything can sell if it is priced correctly.

What does that mean?

Well a 2500 square foot home built with quality materials and workmanship and sitting in a high end neighbourhood may well be worth a few million dollars.

A modest well kept home in a pleasant suburb probably cannot command a price that high.

It is, therefore, important to be aware of selling prices in your area and conditions of the properties that sold.

Two similar homes in the same neighbourhood may have very different values based on condition, curb appeal and upkeep.

A knowledgeable agent can look at comparable properties that have sold and work with you to determine a fair PRICE for your home in the existing market.



Trimmed, cleaned, tidied and set to show you have determined a fair market value for your home!

NOW!! You need an agent who is familiar with current marketing systems who can give your home the maximum exposure in order to attract serious, qualified buyers!

Ask your agent who they think might be interested in your home and then look at what forms of advertising that type of buyer may look at when they want to buy.

Will it be the internet? if so, will it be popular sites (, E advertising? Newspaper? Signs on properties? Will they choose an agent and enlist their help to find that 'just right' home?

Your agent may choose different formats of marketing your home based on the type of person who might be drawn to it.

Now...What can YOU as the Seller do to enhance the sale?

There are a number of areas where you can be most helpful. These include Clean! Uncluttered! Smoke, strong scent and cooking odour free!

We become accustomed to the scents and smells in our homes, but what we find acceptable may be less than delightful to a buyer.

Washing walls, cleaning carpets, baking bread (frozen loaves work well), lighting a soft scented candle all may help.

It might seem ideal to not cook with garlic, onions or curry while your home is listed, but that tends to not be particularly practical if these are foods you use on a regular basis.

This is something you will, personally have to consider.

Smokers might consider smoking outside. Again, if this is going to cause a family feud then perhaps the agent can simply indicate in the remarks intended only for agents that this is a smoking home so that any who have allergies can decide whether or not this is a home that they want to view.

We, who have pets, love our 'furry family members'! Non pet owners may not find them as delightful as we do, so when the house is being shown, perhaps a family member can take Fido for a walk or, if Fido is comfortable in the kennel for a short period of time, perhaps that is a possibility.

It is important to NOT traumatize pets during this time as it is alredy confusing for them to have strangers wandering through their territory when owners aren't home.

Animal lovers will feel badly and be distracted from viewing the house if they are feeling badly for the unhappy pet.

Note: If animals will be in the house during showings please make your agent aware so they can advise showing agents to be on the watch for them.


I tend to come from the school of 'waste not want not', which is fine in a monetary sense. It can, however, lead to a lot of 'stuff' in a house that makes a place look very cluttered and detract from the visual appeal.

What to do?

Choices include donating unused, unwanted items to a favorite organization, or, if the items are to stay put them in storage containers in the garage, under the bed....just out of sight!!


No matter how tight the budget anyone can find an old pail, a cloth, soap and water and CLEAN!!

Scrub the walls. Scrub the floor. Where practical wash the window coverings, or shake out and hang outdoors. Dust or wash the blinds. Clean the windows. Wash fingerprints off the door jamb. Walk through your house and see what the buyer is going to see.

When your house is being shown, if at all possible leave the premises. If health or circumstances don't allow for that, then sit in one room and quietly read.

Turn TV's and games off.

Soft, quiet music may enhance a showing.

Musical tastes are very individual so it is important to let the music be background only.

Selling can be exciting!

It often means a new chapter in life.

It can be stressful.

Remember to consider the feelings of every family member (yes that includes the furry ones) and what emotions they are experiencing.

Recognizing these emotions and working with them can help to de stress the situation.

When the house is being shown take the kids to a park or go for a walk. Try to find a few fun things to do. It will make the experience just a little more enjoyable.

God bless and

Good luck!!

Doing this can help to de stress the experience.





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