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1882 Percy Criddle with his families came to Canada.


A great grandaughter of Percy Criddle (senior) I've had the pleasure of being involved with this outstanding committee, since its' inception. The purpose of the committee is to preserve, and hopefully, restore the site for historical purposes.

The Criddle and Vane families built one of the first golf courses and the first tennis courts in Manitoba.

Keepers of the first meteorological information in the area, their records were used until the recent 'computer era'.

Norman Criddle, highly recognized Entomologist, was, also, famous for his detailed sketches of Prairie, flora, fauna, insects, moths and butterflies .

Harry Vane, notably, created a dust that was used for many years to kill grasshoppers.

The credit was often given to Norman Criddle, who irrevocably always insisted he had little, if anything, to do with this discovery.

Famous (locally) for their 'grand' parties, it is felt that The Criddles and Vanes added a certain 'culture' to the time.

Many artifacts from the original homestead can be found in various museums in Manitoba and Victoria, B.C.


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