Every Penny Counts!

.......If pennies are before your time....then...every nickel counts!

Call it what you will, the few cents you can save by managing your heat costs can add up to substantial savings in a year!

There are, of course, a number of higher cost things that you can do that will, in fact, 'pay for themselves' over time.

Insulation is relatively cost effective and can often be covered by government backed programs.

Upgraded energy efficient windows are excellent if new windows are in the budget.

Sometimes even replacing one old drafty window helps.

High efficiency heating and cooling systems are another wise investment.

All very practical!

What if, however, the budget simply doesn't allow for those upgrades at this time?

Are you doomed to enormous heat bills and...cold houses?

Not necessarily as there are a few simple things that you can do to make a difference!

1) Find those drafts!

There are a variety of items you can pick up at the lumber yard or some department stores to seal the cracks.

Foam in assorted shapes and sizes. Some has adhesive backing.

Sometimes something as simple as old towels can be cut and 'stuffed' into the cracks.

Calking replaced around windows can cut the 'breeze'.

Cute door stops can be found in the dollar stores to lay along the bottom side of doors.

Inexpensive window plastic and a hair dryer can create an extra 'pane' to block out some cold.

Weather stripping around the exterior doors.

Again, simply using old newspaper to stop the draft can help.

Solutions don't have to be costly.


2) Drop the thermostat by 2 or 3 degrees at night.

Not necessary to freeze the children and the family dog, but a simple drop of a few degrees will add a savings to your heating costs.

Studies show that every degree over 68 F (20 C) adds about 3% to heating costs.

There are those who will suggest wearing a sweater to keep warm.

I, personally, confess that I like to be comfortable in my home.

One of those hardy folks who woke up to being able to see one's breath upon awakening and trying to find a non contortionist's way to dress under the covers, I like to wake up to a warm, comfortable home!

Nevertheless 2 or 3 degrees is manageable and, for the most part, makes for a better sleep!


3) Clean the furnace filters once a month. Simple.


4) Close curtains and blinds at night.

Helps to block the cold.


Little things.



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