North 44 - Roasted Squab.... a pigeon??

Last week, my girlfriend and I decided that we were going to have a night out and enjoy good food, good company and just a good night out.  So we made reservations to North 44, which in the past I have experience superb food from Mark McEwan and I was in no doubt sure that this night was going to be the same.

For appetizers, we ordered 8 oysters, 4 of which were from the west coast and the other 4 were from the east coast.  After comparing the west and the east, we decided that we preferred the east coast oysters, based on the fact that they were generally less salty, less fishy and less grainy then their counterparts in the west. 

“I would like to order for myself the Roasted squab with woodland mushroom cabbage roll, sauté duck foie gras, with spiced quince in a natural reduction, please” I said to the waitress. 

“Madam, have you had squab before?” she responded

“No I have not, but I am very adventurous with my foods” I replied

My story ends here because my $200.00 dinner also ended here.  Lucky, I had good company, a lot of good wine and a good night out afterwards. 

Maria Lieu

Maria Lieu

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