Naugler House: the most energy efficient home in New Brunswick


With a heating bill of $77 for an entire winter, the Naugler House is without a doubt the most energy-efficient home in New Brunswick. Not only will it save money long-term, it is saving money right now, as the monthly savings on utilities outweigh the added mortgage cost for energy-efficient upgrades. This blows a gaping hole in the myth that high performance homes don't pay off.

The following article was written by owners and builders Win and Tim Naugler, and first published by our print magazine partner EcoHouse Canada. All images are courtesy of Bang-on Photography.

As the owners, we enjoy the pleasant and spacious feel of the living space. Large windows on both levels not only provide free heat, but increase the spaciousness of the open design and provide natural light to the home for most of the day.

Moreover, the house has excellent indoor air quality, and is extremely quiet inside. Quality construction is required in order to meet the high standard for a Passive House including an airtight structure, thick walls, solid windows and doors. This provides the house with a substantial cozy feeling and comfortable healthy living.

And, just to repeat, the $77 a year heating bill is hardly a heating bill at all for chilly New Brunswick. 

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