Your 1 Month Moving Checklist: What to Do and When to Do It

Moving may be the most stressful thing one can do.  Here is a week-by-week list to help accomplish everything that needs to be done, and within a time frame that makes sense.

Week One
• Schedule movers or book a U-haul. Do this well in advance, especially if you're moving at the end of a month (this is the most popular time to move and when they'll most likely be booked).
• Clean out closets/purge belongings. Never move more stuff than is necessary; get rid of the excess now.
• Decide what furniture will work in your new home; for everything else, put an ad in the newspaper, put it on e-brandon or offer it to friends.
• Get boxes and packing materials.

Week Two
• Start packing. Begin with non-essentials (out-of-season clothes, rarely-used kitchen equipment) and work up to necessities as you get closer to moving day.
• Start taking down art and photos from the wall and patch the holes with a dab of spackle.
• Stop grocery shopping — learn to embrace the makeshift meal and start cleaning out the freezer.
• Change your address with your all financial institutions, credit card providers and insurance.
• Go to Canada Post and have your mail forwarded.
Week Three
• Cancel or forward utilities: gas, water, electricity, garbage, cable/internet, phone and cell phone. Remember to collect any refunds from prorated service or deposits.
• Cancel or transfer your subscriptions: newspapers, magazines or Netflix.
• If you have plants to move, stop watering them now so they're not heavy and dripping on moving day.
• Pack, pack, pack.

Week Four
• Pack an essentials box with everything you'll need for the first night in your new home: sheets so you can make the bed, a few plates, cups and silverware, basic toiletries for a shower, toilet paper, basic cleaning essentials and your phone charger.
• Hire a professional cleaner or schedule a block of time to thoroughly clean you previous home.

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