If you are like myself, you have difficulty finding the time in a day to do all the things that NEED to be done in the day through the forest of things that HAVE to be done. Home maintenance is one of those item. Lets face it, life is only getting more and more hectic despite all of our time saving technology such as cell phones, PDA's, tablets, fast food joints even office meeting are held online. With all this time being freed up we just seem to fill it up with other errands, clubs and tasks.

 Home maintenance should not be tossed to the wayside especially in the fall. The daylight only fades more with each passing day as the onset of our long Canadian takes hold. So here are some things that you should do before winter sets in.

October Home Maintenance Tips

Check and repair any caulking around the exterior of your windows, if you have older wooden windows you may even consider a peel-able caulking to stop drafts from the interior of your home, it is also a good idea to check the seals around your exterior doors.

Check the condition of your roof shingles as they may be snow covered for the next several months.

Check that your furnace is operational (many companies such as that insure furnaces and water heaters offer discount or free routine maintenance checks this time of year)

Check fire extinguishers are charged and carbon monoxide and smoke detectors operation.

Check attic and crawl spaces are free of critters and pests as they are looking for places to stay warm animals such as squirrels and raccoons can be quite destructive to your home. Wile checking on these areas see that there is adequate air flow.

Chimney bricks and mortar are in good condition as frost and ice can quickly rapidly deteriorate due to the frequent temperature changes. Fire place and wood burning chimneys should be maintained by a qualified person.

Last but not least clear your gutters and be sure they flow freely.


Safety tips


This time of year is IDEAL to practice your fire escape plan. If you do not have one for you and your family you should prepare one. You and your family are irreplaceable.

When doing home maintenance be sure to tie your ladder off securely.




Enjoy Your Home


Take time and enjoy your home, My wife and I love this time of year and set up a fall display outside for all to see. Share your spirit of the season. I have heard it said that your neighbors find you more approachable and generally view you as more friendly if you decorate your home. So unless you really don't like your neighbors... Show a little holiday cheer.


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