Garage Sale Time Is Upon Us

Lets make this Garage Sale the best one yet!!!!!


1- MAKE IT BIG - Call your friends and neighbours and combine your stuff to create a bigger, more attractive sale.

Tip - have each contributor use a different coloured price tag.  Pull off the tags each time someone buys and stick it to a clipboard.


2 - ADVERTISE - Think of this as your one day business.  Use BIG BOLD lettering and bright coloured boards.  Use social media, facebook, kijiji, used ottawa, and others.

SIGNAGE, SIGNAGE, SIGNAGE - Bright colours and large letters and arrows. Try not to use the GARAGE SALE sign with the tiny spot to write the address.  People driving by have under two seconds to read your sign so make it BIG, make it CLEAR, and use ARROWS.  Not everyone knows where 123 ABC STREET is.


3 - PRICE PROPERLY - Price everything!!! Seems like a big pain but lots of people can't be bothered asking and that way you won't be tempted to say a lower price.

Price fairly and be prepared to negotiate the price, after all that is the fun of a Garage Sale.  If there are some items you are not willing to negotiate put FIRM on the tag.


4 - MERCHANDISE - Make sure you have plenty of tables and display your merchandise neatly.


5 - BE ORGANIZED - Don't leave pricing until the morning of your sale.  There might be early birds.  Be out half an hour before the stated time..

Have a dedicated checkout table with a cashbox, float and someone to watch it AT ALL TIMES.


6 -  BIGGIE SIZE YOUR SALES -Try having some water or lemonade and baked goods handy by the checkout table, not as a sales item, but to encourage shoppers to stay and browse.


7 - HAVE FUN - Make a day of it,  Invite friends and family, play music, enjoy some time outside.  A fun atmosphere will draw browsers in and keep them shopping longer.




Put big items like furniture closer to the curb. This will attract attention and you don't have to worry about someone stealing them.


Organize similar stuff together.  Toys with toys, kitchen stuff with kitchen stuff.


Try the uniform look - get some tablecloths from the dollar store to make it look uniform.


Make sure everything is visible.


Display books and movies on a bookcase, hang clothes on a portable clothes rack and use a big tarp for toys on the lawn.


Display smaller, valuable items like jewelry near the checkout table.


Be prepared to demonstrate that items work.  Buy some Batteries and plug in some extension cords so people can feel confident that the item they're buying works.



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