Holiday guests on the way? Here are some ideas to Rejuvenate your home with little fuss and muss

   While a splash of paint will do wonders in the kitchen new cabinet hardware or a glossy updated backsplash will make a subtle yet noticeable change. How about a few snazzy holiday themed pictures in the colours of the season? Try changing out the hardware a few key highly visible cabinets  for each upcoming holiday. Creative yet simple is the key!

   Paint a wall that may have had a bit too much wear and tear one of the new trendy colours! This will freshen your decor and when the trend changes you only need to paint one wall. Even with all of the hustle and bustle that the holiday hands you an hour to change small details in your home can impress your guests and may be the cathartic therapy you need. Blue and grey is in but for those of you looking to make a statement warm colours like pumpkin pie could do the trick.

   Change up the throw pillows and blankets on your couches and chairs with seasonally themed ones. Some big stores which will remain nameless always offer seasonal decor at reasonable pricing. After the holiday store them away in a clear bin with a bounce sheet so when Christmas rolls around again you can reuse some or all of them.

   Pick up some Christmas cutlery from the dollar store to brighten the table, even if its only the salt and pepper shakers and serving utensils the brighter the better to provide impact.

   Your entrance makes the first statement of what to expect once you get inside. Pick up a fresh bright welcome matt a little oversized so that its noticeable and useful in removing some of the snow and slush under boots before they enter your house. A  pine wreath on the door with a big red bow adds class and a seasonal aroma to greet those guests, nothing says tradition like this simple inexpensive statement piece. And don't forget some Christmas lights to brighten things up, For a more informal impression try picking up one of the super trendy Minion yard characters to greet the young and young at heart as they walk up to your place!


   While condos have rules about "stuff" in the common areas  try wrapping your door in a red or gold foil wrapping paper.and gluing on a red bow. That way your whole apartment becomes the gift. When your guest enter your condo the smell of freshly baked cookies could turn you into the Martha Stewart of the family even if its produced by a glade plug in.

Whatever you do keep it simple and make it fun then it will help get you into the spirit of the season before it is as usual so quickly over.


Have a great Christmas!! 2016 here we come!


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