The rain has slowed down in Southern Alberta.....finally!

Hope you survived the rain, and that your sump pump did not quit like ours did last night!  I have new respect for weeping tile and sump pumps and their purposes.

On another note.... having read a Newsletter supplied to me from a Mortgage Broker, (Thanks Ally) spoke of things like the unemployment  and inflation rates  being on the "Radar Screens "  of economists and some of their concerns, also spoke of food inflation and rising food prices that are most likely to hit Canada. It may not be a bad time in my opinion to buy a few extra items in the grocery store the next few times you go shopping and be prepared for that.

This report stated that they forseen that  " we are or are very close to the end of the current interest rates easing cycle by both the Feds and the Bank of Canada"   from  CIBC world Markets Weekly Market Insight Newsletter Dated June 6th 2008 "

In my opinion that says to me that if you have been planning on making a purchase , NOW would be the time to do it. AGAIN that is only my opinion.

For a faxed copy of this informative news letter from June 6th please don't hesitate to contact me and i can forward or fax you a copy for your reading

Thanks  and we will talk later

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