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Mark Kozak

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155-200 4th Avenue South
Lethbridge, ABT1J 4C9
Office: 403-394-7721
Cell: 403-795-7653
Direct: 403-331-2100
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Light Your Way to a Faster Sale

Remember the last time you visited an upscale furniture showroom? The furniture and fixtures on display probably looked great. The colours and textures jumped out at you. It was a feast for the eyes! There is a good reason for this: lighting. Of course, the quality of the products has a lot to do with how appealing they look when on display. But smart retailers know that proper lighting is key ...

When Is It Time To Talk To A Realtor?

Many people only see a doctor when they're sick or have some other health concern. On the other hand, some people visit a doctor regularly for check-ups, to ask questions and get advice, and to maintain good health. Which do you think is the better approach? Obviously, the second one! The same thing is true when it comes to real estate. Even if you have no current plans to buy or sell a home, ...

A Quick Lesson in Wood Floors

Thinking about installing wood floors? The first decision you need to make involves the type. According to the National Wood Flooring Association, there are four types: • Unfinished. This type requires you or your installer to sand and apply a finish. If you want a specific colour or style, or you're trying to match existing flooring, this might be the best option for you. • Factory ...

Preparing Your Children for Home Ownership

Early lessons in money management can contribute to your children successfully building assets, especially in real estate.  I came across a great infographic that breaks down aspects of money management to be taught at certain ages.   Check it out at this link:    

Did You Know? - September Real Estate Stats for Lethbridge

Do you like to stay on top of the real estate market in Lethbridge?  Perhaps you need some interesting small talk for your dinner parties this weekend?  Here's some interesting facts about Lethbridge Real Estate this past September: - West Lethbridge takes the cake for the most real estate activity in the city - West Lethbridge has had 1009 new listings this year, leaving South Lethbridge ...

Lethbridge Parks & Lakes - Chinook Lake in Uplands

Lethbridge Parks & Lakes - Chinook Lake in Uplands Located at the entrance to Uplands in North Lethbridge also referred to as the Northside, this beautiful park is built for families and that is exactly the majority of residences in the community.  Complete with park benches, picnic tables, playstructures and a waterfall in the lake it is truly picturesque.  See for yourself.   ...

West Highlands Park - Lethbridge

West Highlands Park is truly a unique feature on the Westside in Lethbridge Alberta.  This park is located behind Garry Station shopping area close to University Drive.  It connects with the West Highlands suburb and has great amenities.  The walking path has doggy bag stations and trash disposal.  For the kids there are playgrounds, swings and plenty of open space for games. ...

Curb Appeal: It's Not Just a TV Show

HGTV airs a popular series called "Curb Appeal." This show features ways to improve your home's outward appearance and follows a crew that specializes in giving homes a facelift. From the street, what kind of an impression does your home give? Here are a few basic suggestions for keeping your home appealling, from the outside: Keep your yard maintained. Keep your lawn mowed, the weeds pulled, ...

Creative Bookshelves

While books are offered more and more through electronic media instead of print, most of us still have a collection of hard-copy favorites. Have you considered some unique ways of displaying your reading material? It's easy to come up with some new ideas - simply search for "creative bookshelves" and browse the images that come up. You could do the same thing on Pinterest and discover a myriad ...

Pressure Washing: the Do's and Don'ts

It’s time to clean off the driveway, spray out the garage, and maybe rinse the siding – it’s pressure washing season! But be careful how you move forward – there are a few things you should consider before attacking your outdoor surfaces with a pressure washer: Do make sure that your pressure washer is properly maintained and ready to be put to use. Follow the manufacturer’s ...