Curb Appeal: It's Not Just a TV Show

HGTV airs a popular series called "Curb Appeal." This show features ways to improve your home's outward appearance and follows a crew that specializes in giving homes a facelift.

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From the street, what kind of an impression does your home give? Here are a few basic suggestions for keeping your home appealling, from the outside:

  • Keep your yard maintained. Keep your lawn mowed, the weeds pulled, and the hedges trimmed. Great landscaping is only great if you keep it that way.
  • Keep your yard uncluttered. Pick up any stray bits of garbage, the kids' toys, or the clippers you were using to trim the shrubs. Keep hoses and sprinklers tucked away. Don't leave your garbage bin in the front yard. Park your vehicles in your garage.
  • Replace deteriorating details. Keep your front door light fixture, home numbers, mailbox, and even the front door handle and lock clean and updated. Replace them if they look dingy - sometimes small details reveal more about us than we care to admit.
  • Add some decorative touches to your entry and/or front yard. Container gardens, additional lighting, or even a decorative mailbox can add instant appeal to your home.

If you're a little more ambitious, there are a number of options for giving your home a more complete facelift. Replacing paint, siding, or fencing can dramatically change the way a home looks. Adding a walkway, arbor, window boxes, or yard art can also give a different feel to your home's outward look. Adding or changing a driveway, front deck, or creating new garden spaces are all options to improve your curb appeal.

What will you do this summer to improve your home's outward look? We'd love to hear your ideas!


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