Don't Forget Your Car

It's time to spring clean! The weather is warming up, the days are brighter and longer, and it's time to shed the trappings of winter. But while you're opening windows, airing out mattresses, and scrubbing baseboards, have you thought about your car?

The months of winter snow, ice, sand, and salt can take a heavy toll on your vehicle. Inside and out, it's a good idea to clean up the residue of winter:

  • Take your vehicle to a commercial car wash and spend some time pressure-washing the muck off the exterior. Don't forget that we have a bylaw in Lethbridge that  prohibits using soap to wash your car in your driveway, so it's best to head to one of the many carwash locations around the city.
  • Take everything out of your car and get rid of all the candy wrappers, Kleenexes, and other garbage. Remove the mats and cup holder liners. Remove and cross-examine all of your automobile emergency supplies.
  • Vacuum the interior of your car. Use a thin attachment to get into all the little crevices between and under your seats. Vacuum (or wash) the mats and cup holder liners. Use upholstery cleaner to get the stains out of your fabric. Consider spraying a protectant on your fabric to prevent future spills from becoming permanent.
  • Wash and polish the interior of your car. Get the dirt out of every nook and cranny. Wipe down the steering wheel, dash, and console. Clean door handles and wipe down all other non-fabric surfaces.
  • Replace the essentials in your vehicle. Mats, cup holder liners, and emergency supplies are some of the basic essentials to keep in your car. Don't forget that you must have a copy of your current insurance and registration in your vehicle while it is operating, as well.103 Riverland Close W garage
  • Consider installing an air freshener or placing fabric softener sheets under the seats. Keeping the air fresh will help maintain the great feel of a clean car.

Don't forget that keeping your vehicle in a garage will help protect it from the elements, keep it clean, and prolong its lifetime. If you'd like to explore options for making sure your vehicle can stay out of storms, give me a call.


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