Rapidly dropping temperatures in southern Alberta last week created hazardous winter driving conditions. The City of Lethbridge announced that "dropping temperatures [were] making de-icing chemicals ineffective - please drive carefully." Fluctuations in the weather are a southern Alberta standard, but that doesn't mean they are always easy to handle. How do you adjust to rapid temperature shifts?

When was the last time you booked an airline ticket? Depending on your travel schedule and timeframe, the price of your seat could vary by a few hundred dollars. You can book early and hope for a good price that way, but sometimes the last-minute seat sale is an amazing deal. Fluctuating prices - how do you decide when to buy?

Rush hour traffic can wreak havoc on our schedules as automobiles clog the main arteries and draw out typical travel time into double or triple the minutes. More vehicles on the road increases the probability of collisions - if an accident occurs traffic can be backed up for a long time. Fluctuating traffic is an issue increasing in concern for Lethbridge citizens. How do you determine travel time when traffic is unpredictable? 

Daily life is fraught with fluctuations. As a realtor, I watch every day as housing prices fluctuate according to market influences. It's my job to know if things are changing, how fast they are changing, and the effect those changes will have on real estate. I'm here to help you effectively navigate real estate fluctuations and use them to your advantage.

Call me today - and let's plan what your future will look like in light of real estate changes happening in Lethbridge right now. There's no better time than today to decide when your next move will be.

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