Keep the KIDS in mind, even if you don't have any!

As an adult, you might be interested in a neighborhood that is easy driving distance from a golf course, close to shopping and fine dining restaurants, or has nearby trails suitable for walking and jogging.

But kids are different.

To them, their entire world exists on those few streets in and around their home. So if you have children, you'll want to make sure that your new home is located in a neighborhood with amenities that will appeal to them. Those may include nearby parks with modern playground equipment, daycare facilities (especially important for young families), schools, recreation centers, and sports fields.

Even a sidewalk in front of a home can be important to a child. And, of course, it is also important for them to have other kids in the neighborhood that could potentially become their friends.

Several academic studies have shown that "kid-friendly" neighborhood features can have a significant impact on a child's well being, psychological growth and academic performance.

How do you find neighborhoods that are great for your kids?

Call today and I'll help!

But what if you don't have any kids?

If you're planning a family, you'll want a neighborhood that is suitable for baby strollers and toddlers. If you're not anticipating having children, or if your kids are already grown, then you'll need to carefully consider whether or not you want to live in a kid-friendly area. You might enjoy having the occasional street hockey game played in front of your home. But, then again, you might not!

So, you need to think of the kids when shopping for a new home - even if you don't have any. Need help selecting the ideal neighborhood? Call today!


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