Keeping the Heat Out

Everyone loves the summer heat - but how do we keep the sun from turning our home into an oven? Here's some quick tips for keeping the temperature in your house cool and comfortable, without using air conditioning:

  1. Keep doors and windows shut. Move quickly in and out of your house so the door is open as little as possible. Keep the windows tightly shut during the day and open them only to catch the night breezes.
  2. Keep window coverings in place. Make sure your blinds and curtains stay shut to block as much of the sun's light and heat as possible. Unless your windows are composed or treated with film designed to block heat, you will welcome a lot of warmth with the sun's rays every day.
  3. Keep cooking to a minimum. Turn on your range or oven only when necessary - the additional heat will only compound the problem of keeping your house cool. Try some cold summer salad recipes, break out your crockpot, or fire up the BBQ instead.
  4. Take shorter, cooler showers. Keep as much heat and humidity out of your home by running cooler water for a shorter amount of time. Keep this in mind when you're running hot water for dishes, house cleaning, or other day-to-day purposes as well.
  5. Keep fans running on a low setting. Keeping your fans (especially ceiling fans) running on a low setting will help cool and circulate the air in your home. They don't need to run full blast - just enough to keep the air moving.

Keeping your home cool will help you enjoy the summer heat outside while remaining cool and comfortable inside.

Want more home maintenance ideas? Give me a call. I'm happy to help.

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