So Much More than Real Estate ...

Every good REALTOR® should be able to give you amazing service, up-to-the-minute market statistics, and sound advice that will help you successfully navigate real estate transactions. But every great REALTOR® will also provide a myriad of additional services.

Not quite what you had hoped …

In the first year of living in a new home, most owners discover things about their house that don’t live up to their initial expectations. A closet that just isn’t quite big enough, windows that don’t let in quite enough light, or white tile that is an endless source of frustration for the housecleaner. Did you know that you can call your REALTOR® for recommendations on local contractors, cleaners, interior designers and landscaping professionals? If you’re looking to change anything about the look and feel of your living space, your REALTOR® can give you a professional opinion on who to call, how it will change the value of your property, and what you can expect in terms of return on investment.

Mortgage mysteries … solved.

Mortgages have set renewal rates; this means they are renegotiated every few years. When the time comes to refinance, did you know that you can find a mortgage broker through your REALTOR®? Not only that, but most real estate professionals offer a mortgage calculator on their website to assist you in financial planning.


You may be surprised to find out that several of your neighbors are moving. Did you know that your REALTOR® can give you a forecast of housing trends and the direction of development in your neighborhood or community? If you’re wondering where the closest school will be by the time your child is ready to attend, your REALTOR® will have the answer.

Historical background checks

You’ve heard several of your friends talk about the sub-pumps that keep clicking in their basement, or their inability to coax certain garden plants to grow. Did you know your REALTOR® can give you an overview of how your neighborhood was developed, and tell you how the geography and/or climate of a region may have shifted from its natural course in the wake of human settlement and urbanization?

If your REALTOR® isn’t living up to the service standard you deserve, consider making a switch to someone dedicated to providing on-going service before, during and after the sale closes.

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