Step UP....not Back! - Richard Robbins

This is an article from the motivational speaker Richard Robbins about facing the challenges and moving up and thru them.  I quite liked it and thought it would be a good little thought to post as we fast approach the end of the year and everyone starts thinking about New Year's resolutions.


Step Up...not Back!

We are presently living in turbulent times. As of late, we have witnessed record same day gains and drops in the stock market. We have seen savings and retirement funds shrinking, real estate sales declining and century old banks disappearing or merging.

The media has bombarded us with all of the negative happenings in our world and the economy instilling uncertainty and fear in all of our lives.   

Can you guess which emotion uncertainty breeds?.. FEAR
Fear can be a paralyzing emotion. Sometimes referred to as the "mental monster," fear can suck the life out of us. It is an emotion that often causes us to STOP so we can wait to see what's going to happen next. Fear can cause destructive inaction rather than constructive action which in turn causes us to step back instead of step up!

In times of uncertainty:

  • Many people will start playing "not to lose" instead of playing to win.
  • Many will look at the obstacles instead of the opportunities.
  • Many will look at potential loss instead of potential growth.
  • Many will start to work from a position of scarcity rather than a position of abundance.
  • Many will focus on the risks rather than the rewards and play defense instead of offence.  

There is no question that these are times of unprecedented changes, however this is not the time to sit back and go on the defensive.  Now is time to differentiate our self from our peers and step up to the challenge. It's time for a contrarian approach and for us to do the "opposite" of what "many" are doing.   

CyclistLance Armstrong, winner of a record 7 Tour de France titles, didn't make up time against his competitors going downhill, he made up time going uphill when other riders were struggling just to maintain. 

There is no question that we need to face reality as it is not as we wish it were, and we need to accept "what is" without resistance. However as business owners, we need to focus on the opportunities rather than the challenges and play to win rather than not play at all. Remember, you don't drown falling in the water you drown staying there.

Step up to the challenge and make this year count.

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