Why You Should Stage Your Home

When it's time to sell your home, staging is a proven method for creating great first impressions. It's not just for expensive homes, either - staging is a technique that anyone can use to make their home more attractive to buyers. It can be especially important in a buyer's market and give you the edge you need to get the price you want. Here is why staging is a great strategy for home sellers:

  • Staging isn't just about bringing in nice furniture. It's about removing personal items and photographs that are detrimental to a buyer being able to imagine themselves living in your home. It's about emphasizing the best parts of the architecture (like framing a picture window with great window coverings, or making sure the carpet gleams in an open concept living room). It's about giving and taking from the regular furnishings to make sure the positives are emphasized and any negatives are neutralized.
  • Staging is about protecting the equity of your home, in any market. Staging allows your home to showcase at its best. Many buyers won't even schedule a showing unless they are impressed with the online appearance of a home in the listing photographs. If what they see and the price listed seem to coincide, they may take the next step. Your home needs to be shown at its best to ensure it meets the expectations underlined by its price. Staging is central to achieving that end.
  • Staging allows you to imagine the best possibilities of living in a home. Built on the same ideas as interior design, staging is meant to allow you to see a home in a unique way. It opens up your mind to the best possibilities of size, scale, living comfort, convenience, and beauty that a home has to offer. Staging helps create an experience for anyone that views a home, instead of simply showing a living arrangement.
  • Staging is a proven method that has definite results. While exact figures vary, it is generally the case that you will sell your home for a better price if it has been staged. Professionally or on your own, to a small or large extent, it will only help in the selling process.  

If you have more questions about staging your home, would like a recommendation for a professional stager, or are just curious about a pricepoint for your home in its current state, give me a call. I'd be happy to help.

Mark Kozak

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