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When researching and shopping for these types of products, there are two standards that you should keep in mind: the ENERGY STAR logo and the EnerGuide rating.The ENERGY STAR logo is an international symbol identifying energy efficient products. Products affixed with the symbol are among the most energy efficient on the market, which makes it easier for consumers to choose products that consume less energy. Products from office equipment, lights, and electronics to kitchen and laundry appliances, heating equipment, windows and doors and even houses, in some provinces, can be found bearing the energy star logo.

In order to qualify for the ENERGY STAR logo, the product has to be 10 to 50 percent more efficient than a conventional product, depending on the type of equipment. The standards for the efficiency of appliances are set by Canada’s Energy Efficiency Regulations through the Energy Efficiency Act. These regulations apply to a variety of energy-using appliances and set the minimum efficiency allowable. Recent changes to the Energy Efficiency Act will see new products not currently regulated given target efficiencies.

EnerGuide vs. ENERGY STAR

Many products are affixed with an EnerGuide label. Whereas EnergyStar labels a product as being energy efficient, the EnerGuide label indicates how much energy the product uses compared to other, similar products. A scale on the EnerGuide label illustrates the energy consumption of the product, with the high and low points indicating the energy consumption of the most and least efficient models available. If a product also happens to be sufficiently energy efficient, the EnerGuide label may also have the ENERGY STAR logo.

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