5 Ways to lower your heating costs


5 Ways to lower your heating costs

Lower energy bills are great for your wallet this winter and impress buyers, who are increasingly concerned with past utility costs, when it’s time to sell.

1) Don’t let heat escape through the doors and windows!

Put new seals around old windows frames and panes. Also, slide draft stoppers under doors within your home and attach draft guards to outside-facing doors to keep heat where you want it - inside.

2) Close the big gaps

Once you’ve sealed the small leaks, walk around your house with a candle and see where it flickers to find hidden drafts. Some walls may need their internal air/moisture barriers replaced or more insulation added if they are cold to the touch.

3) Wrap your home in an insulation duvet

Some provinces offer grants for energy efficiency upgrades, such as adding insulation. Pay special attention to the roof and attic: Ice on your roof is a sure sign of heat escaping!

4) Give your heating system a break

If there are any rooms, like the garage or a sitting room, that you won’t be using often this winter, set their thermostat a bit lower and close them off to keep heat in the rooms you use. You can always turn the heat up in the room when needed.

5) Use a smart thermostat

Not to be confused with a smart meter, smart thermostats let you program different temperatures throughout the day and night. Set your thermostat to be cooler at night when everyone is cozy in bed, and warmer only during times that you are at home.

If you would like to make major changes to your heating bill, you can contact a professional in the energy efficiency industry who can do a thorough assessment.


Have a cozy autumn!

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