Fall Home Show 2012 Recap

I got a chance to attend the 2012 Fall Home Show in Toronto and I want to share my thoughts with you about this year's show.

The big theme this year is Eco-Living and being environmentally friendly. This is not the first time this trend has appeared at any home show, but has been so over the past few years. It is important that we consider the environment in order to help with renewal and to continue to have our precious resources for decades to come. We have been so dependent on the environment for such a long time and we should learn to get into the mentality of trying to use reusable and recyclable resources as a part of our everyday living more often.

Here are ideas as to how you can be environmentally around your home:

1. Use Energy Star qualified products.

2. Install water saving faucets and shower heads for the kitchen and bathrooms in your home. This will help to cut down unnecessary water usage and waste as well as doing your part in water use conservation.

3. Install low-voltage lighting and use energy efficient bulbs. This will help to cut down on energy use and save you some money on your monthly hydro bill.

4. Use low or zero-VOC (volatile organic compound: chemicals emitted as gases) materials. This reduces the toxins that will be in the air in your home. For example, Home Depot carries low and zero VOC paint made by various brands.

5. Use recycled material made flooring. It will be less toxic for your home and there are environmentally friendly cleaning products that you can use to clean your floor too!

6. Choose window shades that will help to make your room cool in the summer by lowering the shading to block out the sun. Use window film for the fall and winter months to help prevent air leakage which prevents cold air from coming in.

Additional resources on being eco-friendly around your home:

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Environment Canada - Wise Water Use

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Better Homes and Garden Magazine - Eco-friendly homes

HGTV.com - Eco-friendly Home Improvement and Building Products

Canadian Living Magazine - Green guide: How to be eco-friendly around your home

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