Find out how far fireplaces have come


This year enjoy the cold Canadian winter in front of a roaring fire. As the bitter winds whisk around outside, stay cozy and warm creating great memories with family and friends in front of the glowing heat of your own indoor fireplace.   

No longer strictly contained under a chimney, new fireplace designs are limitless. A fireplace can create a chic living room, a romantic bedroom or a cozy family room. A stunning enhancement to your home, your fireplace should complement your home’s style while meeting your heating needs. When choosing a new fireplace, be aware of the differences between traditional wood burning units and the modern designs of gas and electric options, as well as the ventilation each unit requires. 

Flat Screen Fireplace 

Incredibly chic, these units hang on your wall just as a picture would. Often gas propelled, the flat screen fireplace serves as a beautiful focal point in any room. Practical in design, this is an excellent option for condo owners as it requires little space. 

Floating Fireplace 

Guaranteed to bring sophistication to any room, a floating fireplace is often encased in glass and appears to magically float in the air. Entirely self-contained, these fireplaces make incredible centerpieces, while larger units stand as glowing displays in any room. 

See Through Fireplaces

Exposed on both sides and installed into the walls of your home, these units are encased in clear glass offering a fiery display of warmth in both rooms. Providing excellent heating options for each room, these fireplaces are an amazing selling feature for any home. 

Fiery Art

Looking for something more edgy, consider an artistic piece built to capture a roaring fire inside. Incorporating art and technology, these crafted sculptures bring heating and home decoration to a new level.


Jeff Hewson

Sales Representative

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