Follows these simple tips for a bug free home

Without realizing it, you may be putting out a welcome mat for pests this summer. Here are some prevention tools to ward off those pesky bugs and some solutions, natural and otherwise, to get rid of the ones that have already made themselves at home. 
Ants love a parade, but your home doesn't have to provide the route. Black pepper and baby powder are both touted as effective remedies. For Fido's sake, though, baby powder may be the preferred option as the black pepper may sting his tongue and eyes.
As small as they are, fruit flies can be extremely irritating. Offer these minute bugs a cocktail of apple cider vinegar, just a couple of ounces will do, mixed with a few drops of dish detergent. Place the beverage in a little cup near where your fruit is kept and soon they'll disappear.
As for crickets, molasses in a container strategically placed near their hideout is reported to do the trick, report those who have been kept awake by the bug's incessant chirping.
As for roaches, equal parts baking soda and sugar is the perfect combination. The roach is attracted to the sugar and killed by the baking soda. 
Sugar in water with a bit of dish soap attracts a whole host of bugs, especially wasps.
Boric acid, from which the laundry booster Borax is made, is effective on cockroaches, silverfish, earwigs, termites, ants, and most other ground-dwelling insects. Keep in mind, borax is slightly toxic, so while sprinkling it very finely around pipe and drain entrances in floors and walls, under cabinets, around baseboards, under appliances and on top of cabinets, place it where humans and pets aren't likely to come in contact with it.
Find all possible entry points around the outside of your home and start sealing and caulking. Prune the shrubs around the perimetre of your home, putting at least a foot of space between your home and your greenery and get rid of any old leaf and lawn clippings. Wood chip mulch attracts ants and termites so if you plan to cover the dirt in your garden, rubber mulch is a better alternative. 
One ounce of prevention, so they say, goes a long way toward sparing your home from being overrun by undesirable pests. Of course, if none of these remedies works and your prevention efforts fail, you may have to call a professional. 
Jeff Hewson

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