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Fall Newsletter


Two families couldn't hide their enthusiasm on Oct. 3 as Habitat Halton broke ground on its second Milton build since inception in 1999. The Milton project will provide semi-detached dwellings for two families in yet another step towards Habitat's plan to build 75 affordable homes across the region by 2019. 


Beverley, her three children, and Nizam and his family were excited that the day finally arrived to break ground on for the construction of a home they had previously only dreamed of owning.  Beverly said she was excited about living in Milton next year and the opportunities it will provide her family. 


"It's a dream come true," she said. Nizam echoed these sentiments while his teenage daughters giggled with excitement.


Ginger, Habitat for Humanity's first Milton homeowner, welcomed both families to Milton. Ginger said how wonderful it is to have more partner families join her in Milton and  expressed her gratitude for how welcoming the community has been to her and her family since she moved in.

This joyful ground breaking marked the start of offering a hand up to more residents who are in need than ever before.  Read more


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and watch event video here


Proud Habitat family continues to support the cause  

Ginger, our first Milton homeowner, attended a staff town hall meeting with one of Habitat Halton's with Whirlpool, one of our biggest sponsors, last month. 


Whirlpool has been a proud supporter of Habitat for Humanity since 1999 and plans to continue to support the cause.  To educate their employees on the issue of affordable housing, Whirlpool invited Ginger to speak to their staff of over 100.  What better way to bring attention to poverty and the benefits of Habitat home ownership than by listening to someone who has experienced the challenges of affordable home ownership first hand.


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It takes a village.....

A village of Whirlpoolemployees has been volunteering for several days to help with Habitat's salvage and demolition project on Bronte Street South, making way for new affordable homes. Their assistance has saved thousands of dollars in dumping costs, diverted waste from landfills and enabled the ReStore to resell gently used items to raise revenue for Habitat programs. The company also contributed $100,000 and donated several appliances to Habitat. 


Corporate sponsors like Whirlpool play a vital role as leaders affecting positive change and endorsing our message of "a hand up, not a hand out" in the community. Whirlpool has a longstanding relationship with Habitat for Humanity in Canada and around the world. 


Currently, the company is donating a refrigerator and stove/range for every new Habitat home built in North America. Two thumbs up for Whirlpool!


Photo gallery here. 

Construction/Build Status - keeping you informed 
We are preparing to build 17 homes in 2014 as part of our "75 in 5" strategic plan.  We will be building an average of 15 homes per year to meet this goal. 

To stay informed with current and upcoming construction and home builds visit our website on a regular basis at http://www.habitathalton.ca/Build/Present-Future-Past.aspx
OR click here

To volunteer on any of the builds please visit the Volunteer Hub. If you are a new volunteer, please proceed as a new applicant here.  

Surprising benefits come with volunteering


Attending our Volunteer Dedication event on  Thursday, Oct. 3 at the Oakville Conference Centre, I was impressed by so many things above and beyond the outstanding event itself.


As I looked around the room, what I noticed were so many people who had not only given their time to Habitat Halton, making a contribution to our cause, but who made good friends in the process. 


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Habitat announces 2013 Volunteer Award winners

"We cannot say how much we appreciate everyone's loving, caring, undivided support that each of you give to Habitat for Humanity," said Mirela Vukosa Giannidis,  director of people and community partnerships.  


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Opportunity for secondary students to spotlight volunteerism


Ashley-Curcic--Andrew-Annis-IMG_1183-(1).jpgAre you passionate about volunteering and really want to show it?  Now is your time to shine in our first-ever Habitat for Humanity Halton Video Contest. That's right; it's time to rally your friends together to show off your creativity and skills in support of affordable housing. Yell "Lights, Camera, Action" as you put volunteering at Habitat in the spotlight.  Prizes and bragging rights are on the line as you compete for first place. Which Halton High School has the best videographers?  You show us!  


For more information, check out the Youth section of our website

Group of volunteers know the power of teamwork

Thomas A. Edison once said, "Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 per cent perspiration." 


A group of six volunteers have demonstrated the above mantra working on the new Habitat Halton offices over the past seven months.  These corporate volunteers from Halton Region shared their skills, labour and time with a smile through the hot days of summer.  Tearing down drywall, steel studs, ceiling tiles, and ripping up old carpet made for some very exhausted volunteers who had never experienced anything like this before.  At the end of each day, though, there was still a smile on their faces and ours as well, because together we had come closer to our goal.   


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AON help us as part of their Global Service Day

On June 6, Aon's Global Service Day, Aon Hewitt's Canadian colleagues across the country partnered with local charities to take part in Aon's Global Service Day, a company-wide initiative where colleagues in 44 countries volunteer their time to support local charities in their communities. This year, Habitat for Humanity Halton's ReStore expansion was chosen "Today, we come together as a firm to give back to the local communities that Aon calls home in order to empower those who need it most," said Tony Gaffney, CEO of Aon Hewitt Canada. "Corporate citizenship means going the extra step and contributing to society beyond what you do in your everyday course of business. Aon's Global Service Day is the embodiment of that philosophy."


As part of the firm's global mission, Aon's company-wide service day provides colleagues with the opportunity to take time off from work to engage in charitable activities that benefit their local communities and focus on providing assistance to organizations that empower people and serve communities at risk.


Photo gallery here. 

HTT Signs and Oakridge Auto dedicate time, services

Oakridge Auto Service Ltd. and HTT Signs have offered their extensive, on-going services to help keep Habitat Halton's trucks on the road and attracting attention with eye-catching truck wraps.

Since the trucks are used to pick-up donated items for the ReStore on a daily basis, its imperative that they work and are noticeable. In need of a facelift, Oakridge Auto Service not only spent a number of days fixing up the body, of our 16-foot rusty old truck, the company  also fine-tuned the engine, ensuring the truck can stay on the road. What's more, Oakridge Auto has offered to maintain both of the trucks that do not have prior maintenance agreements.  


Besides the rust, the old truck also sported out-dated decals and the two new trucks lacked any promotion.  HTT Signs solved this problem by wrapping all three trucks with beautiful advertising that will last for years to come. Additionally, HTT Signs dedicated more than three days of their time to put durable, new decals across the entire ReStore and office front windows. With the help of HTT Signs, Habitat Halton has become more visible in the community.


Thank you to Oakridge Auto Service and HTT Signs for dedicating their time and efforts to help Habitat Halton meet our goal of building 75 homes in five years. It's with the help of these great, community-oriented companies that we can keep helping hard-working families in need of decent, safe and affordable housing.  


Reaching for loftier goals than ever before

Habitat Halton has a long-term vision and strategic plan that requires consistent funding. Sometimes organizations like ours have a base of government support, but often we must raise funds from a variety of sources, especially the community, to maintain our budgets.  It is therefore imperative that we develop long-term sustainable relationships on a local level. We need people like you and organizations like yours to make our fundraising goals possible. When considering a contribution to Habitat Halton, please ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What gift has given you the greatest joy over the past year?  I guarantee that by becoming involved with our 2014 projects, you would feel that same joy!
  2. Have you ever built a home alongside a Habitat family? A sense of wholeness, pride and being connected comes to mind.
  3. Ask yourself not: "Why would I get involved with Habitat," but "why not?"

We ask that you contribute to our work for affordable housing by becoming an advocate for our cause.  We would love to hear your thoughts on how we can succeed in our community.  Be a part of the plan.


Sandy Bartel, Fund Development & Partnership Manager

Habitat Halton welcomes feeDuck

On Sept.14, feeDuck, a Halton-area real estate start-up co-sponsored a neighbourhood street party in support of Habitat Halton. Our own Sandy Bartel welcomed feeDuck to our donor community and spoke with the party-goers about Habitat Halton's work in the community.  The day-long event included live entertainment, a bouncy castle for the kids and plenty of burgers and homemade desserts for everyone to enjoy!


"We knew when we started feeDuck that we wanted to support the community we live in," says feeDuck co-founder Sharn Kandola,. "feeDuck connects homeowners with real estate agents and Habitat Halton helps families into brand new homes-the fit was perfect. Habitat Halton is an organization that we stand behind and we are very excited about this partnership!"


feeDuck connects homeowners and real estate professionals through its unique auction system. The service launches this fall and has committed to donating 1 per cent of sales to Habitat Halton. We're excited to have feeDuck as a new partner with Habitat for Humanity Halton and look forward to the wonderful connections that will grow from this relationship.


Sandy Bartel, Fund Development & Partnership Manager for Habitat


To learn more, visit www.feeDuck.com


Reminder to consider sensitivities to fragrances in the workplace

Many people have allergies to strong scents and/or scented products. These may

cause adverse physical effects that threaten the ongoing health and safety of our staff,  volunteers, clients, visitors, and the public at large. 

We have implemented fragrance-free policies for reasons mentioned above, please refrain from wearing scented products. Thank you for your co-operation. 




A huge "Thank You" to all the office expansion supporters, volunteers and corporate teams. Thanks to your generosity
90% of the new office was donated.

A special "thank you" to the expansion construction lead team.  

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