What You Should Know About Buying The Site of a Former Grow Op Property Part 2

Signs of A Grow Op

*These are just a list of some of the signs. There are more signs that a home inspector will find that may not be listed here.Infrared Temperature of A Grow Op House


1. Window Condensation

High levels of humidity in the home will cause  window   condensation.

2. Unusual lighting

Lighting may be left on all the time, or be timed to  be turned off and  at on and are usually very bright.

3. Hydro/Electrical Meter Tampering

The meter is often tampered with to be bypassed causing hydro and water theft in order to maintain the grow op. Grow ops require a large amount of use water and hydro.

4. Concealed Entries

Entries may be tightly secured in order to prevent any activity from being seen.

5. Odd Smell

The smell of marijuana can sometimes be detected; it has a skunk like odour.

6. The Roof

In the winter, snow is not seen on the roof, steam rising or extensive snow melting in comparison to neighbouring homes due to the high use of electricity which gives off a lot of heat around the home. Since heat rises to the roof this will help to explain why snow will melt faster than on the roofs of other neighbouring homes.

7. Window Coverings

Window openings are either covered, blackened or never opened in order to conceal grow op activities in the home.

8. Enhanced Security

The home can be filled with booby traps in order to ward off potential thieves or people from going in or around the home. Security cameras, bars on windows, “Beware of Dog” signs, flood lights, high fences are just some examples of preventative measures used at grow op locations.

9. Exterior Stains

Condensation, stains or sweating can be found on the exterior siding, stucco or on the foundation of a grow op home due to the excessive humidity.


1. Unusual Activity

People are coming and going to the home at unusual hours. People can be rarely seen or visit of a short time. Visitors can drive either suspicious or expensive cars.

2. Visible Water or Electrical Cords

Water piping or electrical cords running to and from the basement may be seen.

3. Improvised Electrical Systems

Customized electrical systems are often installed to provide the necessary power needed to grow marijuana. This can be a potential fire hazard.

4. Holes in the Foundation.

Holes are drilled in walls or in the foundation for more piping and wiring in order to bypass electricity and water meters.

5. Humming Sounds

Loud humming sounds are caused by fans, modified venting systems and generators that are being used as part of the grow op activity.

6. Booby Traps

This helps to ward off potential thieves, and to injure police officers and first responders.

7. Mould

Mould can be found anywhere including the basement, in the attic, walls and ceilings.

If you suspect a neighbouring home be the site of a grow op you should report it to local authorities. Grow ops bring crime and danger to a neighbourhood that is not wanted by anybody.








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