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1358 Cedar Avenue
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Office: 250-368-8818
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Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson Sales Representative

CENTURY 21 Kootenay Homes Inc.
1358 Cedar Avenue
Trail, BCV1R 4C2
Office: 250-368-8818
Telephone: 250-368-8818 ext 30
Cell: 250-231-5591
Toll Free: 877-550-2121 ext 30
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Is today the right time to buy a home or not?

This question arises on a nearly daily basis within our social circles......Answer: Today is the right day assuming one has found the specific property that works for them on all levels. Satisfy yourself with the key elements:   Home location - Layout - Age - Size - Recreational amenities - Schools - Distance from work - Personal satisfaction. Take all of these considerations into account ...

2015 - Make this your year!

Happy New Year - now that we are in 2015 and you have been thinking of downsizing or upgrading your home situation - let me help you with these goals. First off contact me and I will gladly supply a free market evaluation of your present home. This is the first step. Lets work together and I will explain all the next steps to take for Home satisfaction.

Christmas Time

As we approach the big Christmas Day - keep in mind if you have your home for sale - make sure your home sparkles especially on the outside - this attention to your curb appeal will help new buyers to show more interest at this time of year. Merry Christmas to all.

Your New Home

Dreaming of celebrating the holidays in your very own home - maybe it's not as far away as you think.  First step - start off on the right foot and talk to a professional mortgage broker - the service is free - the broker can help you determine if you're ready to buy, or give you some tips on how to get ready. - Good Luck.

Mortgage Rates

Wow - mortgage rates are great and they are not talking about any immediate increases - 5 year term at 2.99% - this is a great time to look at purchasing that new home that you always wanted. The right mortgage can build your wealth and save you thousands of dolllars.

Fall Gardening

Curb appeal is very important - but remember to spruce up your backyard - it will give the potential buyer a good feeling for their possible new home - go through your beds, shrubs, trees and carefully snip, bag and discard any diseased or dead foliage.

Protect Yourself

Buying a fixer upper? - protect yourself from sink or swim renovations - if you are in this situation you should think  about combining your mortgage and renovations into one monthly payment - it's called "purchase plus improvement" mortgage. This way you can complete your project and protect your investment.

Spring Forward

Yes - March 9 we spring ahead with the clocks - so now more potential buyers will be driving around looking at homes - keep the outside of your home in good clean shape - clear driveways and pathways - make the house inviting from the outside - everything you do helps with the sale of your home.

New Year

Let 2014 be the year that you make the move to your new home - a home that would fit your new lifestyle - a home that would fit your growing family - or a home that would allow you the time to travel - now is the time to start making the right move - contact your Realtor and discuss your options.


Yes its Novembr - very important time to have your home looking its best for the potential buyer - make sure your curb appeal is at its peak - leaves raked - driveways clean - give the impression that you the owner really care about the appearance of your home - it will make a real good impression on potential buyers - so even if the weather is not good - keep the outside appearance of your home inviting.