So You've Decided to Sell Your Home, Now What?

One of the greatest struggles of selling your home is trying to enjoy the last few minutes before saying goodbye forever.

But what happens when it isn’t selling? Sometimes, it is because your home is still too “yours”. Your home has become of a reflection of who you are. Potential buyers need to be able to picture themselves living in your home, not you.

A good Realtor will walk you through this process. It is difficult to listen to someone to tell you to remove things or box things before you are ready, but if you are serious about selling your home for the top price, here are some tips that Style At Home Magazine1 has compiled to help you help your Real Estate Agent and get that quick sale without compromising price point.

  1. Emotionally Detach: appeal to the buyer, not yourself

  2. Depersonalize: remove personal pieces

  3. Declutter: less clutter makes a space seem bigger

  4. Neutralize: the more neutral space is the wider the audience appeal

  5. Make Necessary Repairs: not necessarily a large renovation, but small neglected repairs can reflect upon a seller negatively when a buyer wonders about bigger issues being ignored.

  6. Maximize Curb Appeal: nothing beats a great first impression. Many buyers find the houses they want to look at by judging it from the outside, make sure yours stands out as well cared for.

  7. Pet Peeves: remove as much evidence of your pets as possible, you don’t want non-pet owners turned off by pet dander and mess.

  8. Clean: nothing is more appealing than a house that smells and looks spotless

  9. Up the decor quotient: by adding pieces that are neutral and add to the overall “look” to sell

  10. Romance the big day (open house): with little touches like flowers and a home that smells welcoming and clean can be the difference between an offer and a pass.

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