Canadian Homeowners spent an average of $17,026 on shelter in 2010.

Canadian households spent an average of $53,016 on all types of goods and services in 2010. Of this total, shelter accounted for 28.3% of spending, transportation for 20.7%, and food, 14.0%. Spending on clothing represented 6.5% of the total, health care, 4.1%, and communications, 3.3%.

On average, couples with children spent $74,126 on goods and services, the highest total of all household types. The lowest spending was for one-person households, at $30,563.

Provincially, the highest average spending on goods and services was by households in Alberta ($61,134), followed by households in British Columbia ($56,812). Households in Prince Edward Island ($44,856) reported the lowest spending.


Canadian households spent an average of $14,997 on shelter in 2010. Homeowners spent an average of $17,026, while renters spent about two-thirds of this amount, or $10,874.

Provincially, households in Newfoundland and Labrador had the lowest average shelter expense, at $10,395. Alberta households reported the highest spending on shelter, at $17,268.

The highest share of spending on shelter was for households in Ontario, at 30.4% of total spending on goods and services. This was followed by households in British Columbia, at 29.5%. The lowest share was for households in Newfoundland and Labrador, at 23.0%.

Spending on shelter was directly related to the size of a population centre. Households in rural areas spent an average of $10,755 on shelter, compared with $17,224 for those in centres with a population of one million or more.

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