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Marnie Rodgers

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Our properties, whether primary residences, revenue properties, investment vehicles, vacation getaways or some combination thereof are more than just an accrual of doors walls and windows. They are a necessary and integral part of our lives, and, for many of us, our single largest lifetime investment.

So why reduce them to numbers and graphs?

Because, whether buying or selling, it is for most of us an emotional journey. A place we see ourselves growing old or remember bringing home our first born, so when it comes time to trade, it can be especially difficult to remove emotions and come to a sales price, place or accept an offer or negotiate on terms.

That is why it is helpful to work with a Realtor® who can assist you with looking at the market as a whole, and your place within it. To provide you with the information you need to make smart, rational decisions while still respecting your emotional attachment to a home you are hoping to buy or sell.

Give me a call and find out how I can work for you.

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