Recreational Property Access Roads

Tis the season when we are all heading out to our cabins and cottages for a summer get away.  Or hunting in the fall for the lucky ones all year around.

Road Access is futile when getting to the peace of heaven we have spent so much money on. Finding out what permits, expensive surveys, extensive road reconstruction and distasteful litigation to gain access to your property.
Can be a major pain. Being aware of what to pay attention to when buying recreational property can make or break a deal.

Having permits in place for the road access is paramount, and you'll also want to ensure that you have received access  permits for proper boat docks if that is your only access in. You are able to get these from Ministry of Natural Resources and the local MD or municipality.

The knowledge of what permits you'll need and how to get them will make your peace of heaven a lot more heavenly,
when purchasing recreational property.

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