Get Wild at Teds Range Road Diner

Take a walk on the ‘wild’ side at Ted’s Range Road Diner just west of Meaford and make a journey to somewhere totally different.

When Ted Lye first opened the diner in 1987, he was quick to serve his food in heaping, hearty helpings, and so the people came and continue to do so!  Not much has changed since then (except you won’t be greeted by the local cows!) and his menu of wild and exotic foods draw in many curious, hungry customers.  Ironically, the secluded location of the hut became as much as a drawing card as the ‘wild’ menu. 

This rustic, exclusive restaurant is made from metal and has a roof and walls in the shape of a semi-circle.  Called a Quonset hut, this one-of-a-kind restaurant is also in the middle of nowhere. The decor inside the restaurant is almost “trucker-like” with chipboard covered walls, a collection of Simpson's dolls alongside the stage set up for jam nights, a concrete floor and a tabletop Pac-Man video game from the early eighties.

 “People come here because they feel they’ve made a journey to somewhere totally different.  We cater to a variety of customers, bikers and hikers coming in off the trails, locals and snowmobilers”, says owner, Ted.

If you know Ted, then you’ll understand his humour and positive outlook.  It’s apparent throughout the restaurant with the inviting and friendly staff, and selection of odd and exotic food items!  Specialty items such as bison, venison, musk ox, fresh Georgian Bay Whitefish and even alligator at times are on the black board menu with daily specials and their famous Caesar lover’s dream with Ted’s own Caesar spiced rim.  Ted is also a firm supporter of the local food movement as he serves a variety of seasonal and organic veggies to accompany his original dishes. 

To find your way to one of the coolest little restaurants in the area, take Highway 26 three kilometres west of Meaford and turn right onto County Road 112, roughly a five-minute drive uphill, and you won’t miss the large Quonset hut on the left. 

To book a reservation or to learn more about  Teds Range Road Diner, call –519-538-1788.

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