The Star is at it again!

Again with the Toronto Star 

Did you read the Toronto Star’s column yesterday about the Real Estate market in Toronto? The headline read. “House prices to fall, Condo sales Improve” or something like that. If you read the entire column, they again referred to a study by The TD Bank, that said that house SALES would be down, but that the Condo market was HOT!

Funny, The Condo magazine that quoted the same sources were most optimistic about Toronto’s Condo market, explaining that the over 100,000 families migrating to Toronto each year, are finding the Condo market very much to their liking and affordable, compared to the countries the exited.

In my opinion, when this weather we are suffering in the GTA ever gets back to real spring like conditions, we will see a rush of new house listings, as is the norm. The market was skewed by the Star and other’s predictions of a doom and gloom market, but the pent-up demand for housing is not going to listen again this year. (I hope!)

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!

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