The Toronto Star does it again!

The very next day that I rant about the media, the Toronto Star does it again!  They quote some "economist with the TD Bank" who thinks that the Toronto Real Estate market is set to lose as much as 25 points! WOW!  Then, if you read the article, the comments are qualified by several qualifications: If the interest rates rise, and if unemployment rises, and if - if- and if!  I could not find any similar posts about Real Estate in the two other papers that I read daily, - The Sun and the National Post. Maybe they don't have the close contacts with the TD economists that the Star has quoted, or maybe, the Sun prefers their sexy ladiesto sell papers, and the Post has Conrad Black, and other lucid columnists.

You, the buying and selling public, were influenced by similar columns in 2012, when the Star almost single-handedly, killed our Spring Real Estate market. You are wiser now to the ways of the media, particularly the Toronto Star. Keep in mind what I have said about newspapers, and their need to make money. I have nothing against good Capitalistic planning, but I really get upset when they do it at the public's expense. List and buy Real Estate with confidence in the GTA market. It's a great investment, and my home town is a super place to live and work, and play. My $.02 anyway

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